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Airhosted property management service

Increase efficiency of your property
portfolio with Airhosted

Airhosted offers fast and efficient solutions to optimize your real estate portfolio. Whether you have vacant luxury properties, an apartment vacancy due to imminent renovation or generally want to increase returns - we have a solution that is tailored to your needs. With our broad network of partners, we take on all operational and organisational tasks.
Portfolio optimization
With Airhosted, it is easy to outperform the existing rental market and noticeably increase revenue by making some of your best properties available for short-term rent.

  • Commission based agreement
  • Flexible cancellation times
  • Optional furnishing

Vacant luxury properties
We have medium and long-term solutions to reduce the vacancy rate of luxury properties. Cover partial rent or even earn over normal rent in case of long-term partnership.

  • Commission based agreement
  • Flexible cancellation times
  • Additional services such as design furnishing and concierge
Reconstruction / Demolition
With short-term rental solutions properties that are planned for renovation, conversion or demolition, generate profits till day X. No more risks of unlawful squatting.

  • Commission based or fixed price agreement
  • Optional furnishing
  • Fixed period until renovation (extendable in case of change of plan by the client)
Full range of services
Home-sharing Management
Furnishing your property
Our partnerships with various furnishing companies allow us to offer our clients a wide range of products including furniture, home appliances and electronics to suit every budget and taste.
Transport, assembly and cleaning
From the approved concept to delivery and installation of all necessary equipment. We manage it all, based on your needs and wishes. We take care of the transport and the installation of the furniture as well as the subsequent cleaning.
All-round services
Airhosted offers a comprehensive, operational service that includes marketing your property, coordinating maintenance, cleaning and tenant move-in.
Taking care of your listing
We effectively market your property on home-sharing platforms like Booking.com, Expedia or Airbnb and take care of price/search optimisation, guest communication, check-ins, cleaning and much more.
What does this mean for you?
Refurbishment/renovation - No complete loss of revenue until the start of construction
Do you have a major construction project and the property is being rented? The consequence is that no more rental income can be generated. So far, this interim phase has been unprofitable. We can offer you a suitable solution, which will be implemented until a few days before the start of construction.
An apartment in the high price segment has not yet found a suitable tenant?
Unfortunately, for apartments and luxury properties in the upper price segment, it is not always possible to change tenants seamlessly. Until a suitable new tenant is found, properties are often vacant from several months to years. This results in high costs and no income. We can use this bridging time efficiently and offer an attractive solution. As an additional advantage, the property can be shown to prospective tenants in a furnished state.
Portfolio optimisation
Do you have many properties and are interested in optimising returns? Why not make some of the suitable apartments available for short-term rental in the long term.
Temporary furnishing
You do not want high investment costs for furniture because the duration of a project is too short? You would like to equip apartments with furniture for a test phase? No problem with our furniture rental service - this is possible from just a few months.
Flexibility on your side with the deadline commitment on our side
With a term of a few months up to long term support, we have the optimal solution for you. You always have the option of extending the contract, just as you need it.
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